Javier Mayol


An award-winning producer and award-winning writer, Javier is also Phoenixfire Inc.’s President and creative head. Javier has worked in the entertainment business for over a decade. During this time, he has worked on countless productions ranging from music videos to feature films.


Javier started his career with the award-winning Universal Studios Florida Production Group as a production assistant, working with clients such as Nickelodeon, PBS, The Learning Channel, Sesame Street, Disney and MTV Networks. In 2003, he joined the editorial department of Marvel's The Punisher (starring John Travolta). After moving to South Florida, Javier  worked as an editor for the award-winning Information Television Network. During that time, he edited over 50 shows for the national show Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and Waging War on Cancer.

In 2014, along with David A. Vargas, Javier went on to write and produce the award-winning feature film, Love and Hostages which he wrote. Together, they are currently working on their follow up film.


Javier’s dedication, passion, skills and attitude are the core of Phoenixfire’s drive to succeed. An inventive imagination is clearly seen in his numerous feature film scripts and a handful of projects in various states of development. Originally born and raised in Puerto Rico, he currently lives in South Florida with his wife and kids.

Rick Cassatly


Rick has over 25 years of experience in the field of television, film, and commercial production. He has gained the knowledge to excel in any medium that he undertakes. He is goal-oriented and attentive to detail, which makes him an important asset for any production.


Some of the clients he has worked hand in hand with include Universal, Disney, Nickelodeon, Sci-Fi Channel and Discovery Channel. He has also been an integral part of hundreds of productions, including The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Emeril Live, NBC’s Fear Factor, Wheel Of Fortune and SeaQuest DSV to name a few. Recently he has worked in the films Ace Ventura 3 and the Bring it On Series as a on-location supervisor for Universal’s Production Group.


Rick’s dedication not only extends to the projects in which he is working in but the clients in front and behind the camera. He garners great loyalty from his peers by going above and beyond the call of duty in assisting his clients and co-workers.

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